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This family was so warm and welcoming, we were thrilled to bring a bedroom makeover to 10-year old Khalan and give updates to her siblings rooms as well (Katriel & Kaniel).

Khalan's room was a dark gray and did not reflect her bright and vibrant personality. Our team focused on giving her a beautiful haven complete with pink walls, a blue velvet trundle bed (hello sleepovers!), sparkly and furry accents, a cozy egg chair and playful lighting.

We created a pink dream for sister Katriel complete with a floral decal accent wall and ruffled curtains. Younger brother Kaniel shares a love for Sonic, the color blue, and cars so we ran with that theme, complete with a 3D Sonic figure mounted to his ceiling fan.

We teamed up with CBT Architects for this makeover and without the amazing volunteers, wouldn't have been able to complete 3 bedrooms in 8 hours.

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