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Sam & Ben


Meet the Halpern family! They have 3 beautiful children, and their oldest, Sam (7 years old) contracted a rare form of a bacterial strep infection which resulted the amputation of both of his legs just below the knee, as well as his right arm past the elbow, and a few fingertips of his left hand. A year later he is doing well, all things considered. He is learning to be mobile on double leg prosthetics. He shares a bedroom with his 5 (and a half!)-year old brother Ben. 


After meeting w/the boys, we knew that the room's design would be "sports” all the way! One of the special items they want to showcase is a custom Fenway Park locker that the Red Sox had gifted to Sam. Another request from them was to have bunk beds to create more floor space for the boys to play. 

Our goal was to create a room that would grow with them as they get older. 

This project even made the local newspaper! Click here to view the article.

Before & After